Exciting news about book/DVD release

We are very excited to announce that the book and DVD package has been completed. The final product is a 96-page book and DVD (shot at Drum Channel studios). There will be an exclusive FUNdamentals page at Modern Drummer’s website and a few side-products (including a FUNdamentals practice pad) are in development. The authors are also preparing for the media coverage and book signings to follow.

To request information on author events/signings/clinics/Skype lessons email booking@richredmond.com. To inquire about incorporating FUNdamentals into your school’s music curriculum email ma@pinstripepress.net.

Visit Rich online at www.richredmond.com. Visit Michael online at www.pinstripepress.net.

Both Rich and Michael thank all of you for your patience and continued support. Look for the upcoming ‘official’ announcement of the release date and ordering information at the book’s Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/FUNdamentalsOfDrumming

This blog will remain up BUT all future content and updates will be available (following the book’s release date) at moderndrummer.com/fundamentalsofdrumming

FUNdamentals signs with Modern Drummer

PRESS RELEASE, October 2013: Rich Redmond and Michael Aubrecht are proud to announce that they have signed with Modern Drummer Publications Inc. to produce and distribute their instructional program FUNdamentalsTM of Drumming for Kids. The FUNdamentalsTM program will be released as a printed book/DVD package (shot on location at the Drum Channel studios), as well as an eBook version that will link to video content via the web. There will be a special FUNdamentalsTM webpage located on the Modern Drummer website with updated/bonus material. A unique kid’s clinic is also in the works. Both authors are longtime readers of Modern Drummer magazine and were ecstatic with MD’s interest and enthusiasm for the book. Release info will be forthcoming. “We could not have asked for a better publisher for this project,” said Aubrecht. “I’ve been reading Modern Drummer since I was twelve years old and to be counted among their catalog with other drummers like Joe Morello, John Riley, and Bill Bachman is an honor to say the least.” Rich Redmond is a contributing guest writer at Modern Drummer and echoes his co-author’s gratitude. “Michael and I are beyond excited to be working with Modern Drummer,” says Redmond. “MD goes beyond the definition of a mere magazine which usually gets tossed aside. Readers of MD cherish every issue like a collector’s item. Growing up in the farthest reaches of Texas, MD was my lifeline. It focused me towards my dream of becoming a professional drummer. With the help of MD, Michael and I can now reach a whole new generation of young drummers with our FUNdamentalsTM program!” For periodic updates on the release of this program, visit the FUNdamentals Facebook page at www.facebook.com/FUNdamentalsOfDrumming and Modern Drummer’s website at www.moderndrummer.com.

The Money Beats

FUNdamentals of Drumming for KidsTM features an exclusive age-appropriate analysis of co-author Rich Redmond’s Money BeatsTM. These drumset exercises mimic the “grooves” that every drummer should know in order to play music professionally. (see Video above) As they are the building blocks for developing a vocabulary in music, we are including a brief introduction here. These five FUN beats are the grooves that most popular music is based on.

Money Beat #1: Boom – Smack: Play straight quarter or eighth notes on the hi-hat with the bass drum hitting on 1 and 3, and the snare drum hitting on 2 and 4. Examples: AC/DC “Back In Black,” John Mellencamp “Cherry Bomb,” The Ramones “Blitzkrieg Bop”

Money Beat #2: The Heartbeat: This is just like Money Beat #1, but with a second bass drum hit added on the & of 2. Think of the rhythm of your heartbeat. Examples: John Waite “Missing You,” The Pretenders “Middle Of The Road,” Green Day “Boulevard of Broken Dreams”

Money Beat #3: Classic Rock Beat: Boom – Smack – Boom Boom – Smack: Similar to Money Beat #2, but with the second bass drum hit shifted to the & of 3. Examples: CCR “Proud Mary,” Rod Stewart “Maggie May,” The Who “Baba O’ Riley”

Money Beat #4: We Will Rock Ya’: Boom Boom – Smack – Boom Boom – Smack: This familiar beat puts two bass drum hits before the snare on the &’s of 1 and 3, with the snare staying put on 2 and 4. Examples: The Cars “Let The Good Times Roll,” Queen “We Will Rock You,” Bad Company “Movin’ On”

Money Beat #5: Four On The Floor: This pattern plays the bass drum on ALL four beats, with the snare hitting on 2 and 4. Examples: The Killers “Somebody Told Me”, Jason Aldean “Tattoos On This Town,” Miranda Lambert “What About Georgia?”