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Now available in print and e-formats: Order online at

The FUNdamentalsTMof Drumming for Kids is a 180-page workbook that includes rare photographs, illustrations, tables, graphs, musical notation pages, flash cards, drum labels, coloring pages, printable training aids, sheet music and more! Each lesson and exercise uses age-appropriate instructions designed to provide applicable skills for drumming for children ages 5-10. With over 35 separate items, there is something FUN for all ages and stages!

covthumb2Book statistics:

Publisher information: TBD
Specs: 8.5 x 11, B&W, binding TBD
180-pages (photos, illustrations, notation)

7 responses to “Buy the Book

  • Gonzalo Gorordo

    Hi. I want to know how i can buy the book and give it in my country.
    I am from Mendoza, Argentina.

    • fundrums

      Hi Gonzalo, Thanks for contacting us. Once the book is officially released we will provide info on how to do international orders. We would LOVE to see our book in your wonderful country. Stay tuned. Thank you!

  • Elizabeth Johnson

    I want this book

    • fundrums

      We have received many questions online and at clinics from folks who want to know when and where the book will be available for sale. We are currently in consideration with publishers and are simply working out the best way to get our program out to the most kids. We love your enthusiasm and are just as anxious as you are. Thanks for your patience and stay tuned for the official release announcement!

  • Gayle

    Hi, I am also very much interested in having a copy of your book. This will be a very nice and fun way of learning to play drums, by the way, I am from Makassar, Indonesia. Please let me know as soon as its out in the market. More power you you all….

  • Joe Morris

    Where can I buy the book?

  • Alfredo

    I hope the book is released in pdf format too, for overseas people who is not willing to wait 4-6 weeks for delivery.

    By the way, selling the book in the Apple Store, is just for people who owns an iPad, iPhone or similar. There is no way a Windows user can read the book.

    Kindle sucks as it’s impossible for the pages to be printed, and also because I’ve read bad stories of people whose Kindle account has been closed and all of their books were lost!

    Good luck!

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