About the Book


Children, at the early developmental-stage, can be extremely creative and some may even show an interest in playing music. Sometimes the child will gravitate toward a particular instrument and he or she may even show an aptitude for it. It is at this stage that a teaching opportunity exists. If handled correctly, it may even result in the formal pursuit of the mastery of that musical instrument. FUNdamentalsTMof Drumming for Kids is a fun way of introducing the basics of drumming to children who are between the ages of 5-10. Although there have been many programs developed for teaching music theory to children, few cater to younger age groups. This has resulted in a lack of educational techniques and lesson plans for kids. That is, until now.

What sets the FUNdamentalsTM of Drumming for Kids program apart is the breakdown and presentation of the material. This program uses a variety of teaching techniques that mimic curriculum used in the elementary classroom. These exercises present drum theory in a fun and familiar way by using flash cards, counting exercises, clapping and more. Each step in this program is designed to provide children with practical and applicable skills for drumming.


From the Professional
From the Parent
History of Drums
Evolution of the Modern Drum Set
Famous Drummers
Types of Drums
Parts of a Drum Set
Drumstick Dexterity
Note Recognition
Stretching and Warm-ups
FUNdamentalTM Exercises
Clapping and Tapping Exercises
Note Groupings
Introduction to Rudiments
Pattern Phrases
Pedal Exercises: Foot Focus
The Money BeatsTM
Alone and Together
Recommendations and Review
Foot Exercises
3-Way Independence
4-Way Independence
FUN with Toms!
16th Notes
Swing It!
“Pea Soup”
World Beats
Drum Solo Finale
Tips and Tricks
FUN and Games
Acknowledgements & Inspirations
Parting Philosophy
About the Authors

Pictured: Co-author’s son Jackson (age 4) at his PDP’s “Player Kit”.

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