Exciting news about book/DVD release

We are very excited to announce that the book and DVD package has been completed. The final product is a 96-page book and DVD (shot at Drum Channel studios). There will be an exclusive FUNdamentals page at Modern Drummer’s website and a few side-products (including a FUNdamentals practice pad) are in development. The authors are also preparing for the media coverage and book signings to follow.

To request information on author events/signings/clinics/Skype lessons email booking@richredmond.com. To inquire about incorporating FUNdamentals into your school’s music curriculum email ma@pinstripepress.net.

Visit Rich online at www.richredmond.com. Visit Michael online at www.pinstripepress.net.

Both Rich and Michael thank all of you for your patience and continued support. Look for the upcoming ‘official’ announcement of the release date and ordering information at the book’s Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/FUNdamentalsOfDrumming

This blog will remain up BUT all future content and updates will be available (following the book’s release date) at moderndrummer.com/fundamentalsofdrumming

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