Monthly Archives: May 2013

Not just another “drum book”


Special thanks to our friend Jonathan Mover for his kind words after getting a sneak peek at our book: “Just because someone plays an instrument–in this case drums–doesn’t necessarily mean they can teach and/or convey. Not in this case. Rich Redmond and Michael Aubrecht have it covered with a combination of entertaining text and dynamic photos, that will not only teach, but also interest any young perspective drummer and keep them coming back for more. FUNdamantals of Drumming for Kids is not just another instructional manual, it’s a history lesson, science lesson, drum lesson and introduction to world of drums and drumming all in one. And above and beyond, it’s FUN. And that’s exactly what playing drums and making music should be.” – Jonathan Mover (Drummer: Alice Cooper, GTR / Editor-in-Chief: Drumhead)