“I warm-up for at least thirty minutes before every show. It gets the blood flowing, warms my muscles and helps me get into the right state of mind to perform at my best.”  – Rich Redmond


Technique is not the only factor to be concerned about when teaching children about the drums. Health and well-being are important to people of all-ages, but especially to younger kids who are just starting out and have not yet developed the strength or endurance to play the instrument. The drums are the most physical of all musical instruments as they require the use of both the large and small muscle groups. They also require a certain level of stamina. This means that the body must be loose in order for blood to properly flow to the muscles.

Most professional drummers do special warm-up exercises before performing. Many of them have developed their own pre-show rituals. Proper posture is also very important for drummers. These physical preparations help to create a synergy between the mind and body and allow the drummer to play safely and comfortably. Remember that a healthy drummer is a happy drummer! In FUNdamentalsTM of Drumming For Kids we dedicate an entire chapter to stretching and warm-ups.

You can download a PDF of the book’s exercises (pictured above) to get you started. In addition, co-author Rich Redmond has posted a video showing some of his own pre-show warm-ups that you can view here.


One response to “Warm-Ups

  • Sean

    GREAT post. I see a lot of places that downplay warning up, but it is really the most important think you can do as a drummer. No one wants to be old with wrists that barely work, but I’ve heard horror stories.

    Kudos to keepin it real!

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